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It's not just fast food, it's GOOD food.

Bamboo Walk is a multifaceted Black owned restaurant, boasting fine dining, intimate cabana dining, a robust take out menu, and the first ever drive-thru Caribbean restaurant in all of north eastern America. Developed from divine inspiration (literally!) Bamboo Walk is owned and operated by Paula Mercure, a Jamaican-born immigrant turned Baldwin resident.

This vision for Bamboo Walk was given to Paula in May of 2020, shortly after the start of the pandemic by a direct word from God. Paula was visiting Florida at the time, and was participating in a 21 day spiritual fast. God spoke to her not only about creating this ideal place, but He also told her exactly where it should be located -  1343 Utica Avenue in Brooklyn NY.

Paula mercure
It is no surprise that a vision like this would be given to Paula. She's no stranger to good food, having grown up with a mother that was (and still is) an excellent cook, with an undeniable talent for creating and developing flavors in the kitchen that are unmatched. Today, her mother Lorna Taylor stands in the kitchen alongside Executive Chef Dexter Royes, an internationally trained food genius.

Bamboo Walk is often described as a Caribbean restaurant with excellent food, great drinks and a brilliantly designed ambiance. Some may also describe it as a diamond in the rough, but all agree that Bamboo Walk is top-tier when it comes to customer service. What makes it most unique is the cuisine - the blending of two cultures people never thought could come together - a Jamaican and Haitian combination that both intrigues and delights all who visit.

These cultures come together not only in business and flavors, but in marital bliss as well, since Jamaican-born Paula is supported in this venture by her husband Pierre Mercure who was born and raised on the island of Haiti. Proudly, the Haitian coalition did not stop there. Other major investors in Bamboo Walk are Sherlie Valentin, Guy Pierre Toussaint and Wilder Guirrer.

Today we celebrate not only what Bamboo Walk sells but what it represents. For so long, and even today, women have experienced inequality in economic opportunities, educational inequities, and so much more. Today, however, we are witnessing what has been created by a woman, and a woman of color no less, all while holding down a career, being a wife, and being a mother to 3 children.

Bamboo Walk became a reality because a group of Black immigrants and college educated professionals came together with their resources and decided to build. We believed it was possible not only because we have faith in ourselves, but also because God told us it was possible! Thank you to everyone for your love and support over these past 365 days - it is so greatly appreciated!

Dine in:
Monday 5pm to 11pm
Tuesday to Thursday 12pm to 11pm
Friday and Saturday 12pm to 12am
Sunday 12pm to 9pm

Monday 11am to 9pm
Tuesday to Thursday 11am to 11pm
Friday & Saturday 11am to 12am
Sunday 11am to 9pm

Saturday & Sunday:
12pm to 3pm

Monday to Thursday:
5pm - 7pm

dress code:
Every Guest’s experience is very important to us. We respectfully request that all guests adhere to our dress code.
Semi-Formal. No hats | No Flip Flops







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Every Guest’s experience is very important to us.
We respectfully request that all guests adhere to our dress code.
Semi-Formal. No hats | No Flip Flops


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My experience at Bamboo walk was an awesome one. The servers was so pleasant and efficient. The ambiance is really entertaining along with the music. The quality of food is exactly what this community longed for. The menu is detailed to perfection. Especially, if you order oxtail it  is tender and the rice is very good. The party that came with me really enjoyed their food as well. Bamboo Walk is “THE NEW HOT SPOT IN BROOKLYN” !!!!

Nagelande L.


I took my first trip of the year to celebrate my birthday and decided to live it up with a week in Brooklyn. Y’all ✨need✨ to visit BAMBOO WALK next time you’re there for the best oxtail ever!!



This is definitely 💯, staff were so friendly, courteous and accommodating. Food portions were more that enough 😋, the taste was excellent. Everything from the appetizers to dessert. The Ambiance of the restaurant is great for lunch with the girls, or a night out with your babe 😉 And the owner is such a warm and beautiful person, and it transcends to her staff. Thank you for a great dining!

Nicola Y.


The food and drinks were so amazing and the ambiance is unmatched. Very fair prices and I love the touch of live music. It was a great date night for me and my future hubby! I would definitely go back. My server Millie was very pleasant and helpful.

Shanel W.


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